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Squarepusher's Journey to Reedham, µ-Ziq's Brace Yourself Remix, AFX's 28 organ

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Squarepusher - A Journey To Reedham

µ-Ziq - Brace Yourself Remix

AFX - 28 organ

More songs like the ones above that combine:

  • playful melodies with a happy vibe
  • drill n bass beats
  • lots of variations in the arrangement throughout
  • with that grandiose/epic feeling

Wisp's Happy Sneakers comes close but I would love to know more.
Thanks in advance!

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The Gasman does it for me. Not sure if it ticks all your boxes

Derbac, one of my favorite Gasman tracks.


I get old Orbital vibes from this one. Love some Gasman

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I wish this thread would grow. The description encompasses one of my favorite styles. Would like to be turned onto some things I haven't before heard.

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This album is full of exactly that kind of stuff! (One of my favorites)






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Guest murphythecat8

op, we have similar taste

kettel is your man for what your looking for

my dogan for example


also, id recommend proem. especially his 2001 to 2006 albums

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