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Extropy, a film by Jega


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When reality is augmented, DNA is synthetic and machines are sentient, what does it mean to be real ? What is life ?

Speedhack is a high-octane journey through a near future city sprawl. Created entirely by Dylan J Nathan, the short is a proof of concept scene from EXTROPY, a sci-fi feature film for the 21st century.


What is Extropy ?




Dylan Nathan is a British-born, visual effects veteran who has worked on many high-profile projects.

His background in Architecture, Design and Electronic Music give him a unique aesthetic, and combines to create a truly next-gen filmmaker.




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That's what the credits say.


Also it made me think, would it be feasible to make a TV series using this type of animation. All that sci-finess made me want a GoT type show but in space. And having it all be CGI would make anything possible, but wonder how much time and resources would go into it. More than the couple million budget that GoT has per episode?

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while the textures and everything look pretty cool, the animation definitely felt pretty flat. didn't have much of a sense of speed either. and yeah "audio by jega" seems to indicate to me he did the music/sfx

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If this is just proof of concept, I look forward to the proper, final thing. Dare I suspect a kickstarter in the near future?


And yeah, I agree about the effects = awesome, animation = staid but if this is just a prototype, the actual product might improve greatly on it. Should be interesting either way. First Planet Mu Bluray release?

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you do realize that 90's animation looked far worse than this with an entire team behind it:



but dude, each limb has a wheel but can be a motorcycle and guns and howwwhaooaoha


But did he ask for it?


I see what you did there


i didn't get this at all. i guess i'm not very idm

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I watched extropy again and comparing it to transformers was a mistake, that's giving ''Dylan J Nathan'' too much credit. Extropy is just stupid. And i think it's a rip off of this more accomplished piece

J Nathan has sneakily copied it but thrown in dollops of Shoreditch wankeryness to disguise it, then provided some backstory to make out like it's some deep and meaningful concept when it's just stupidy.

''What is extropy? It's the melding of the biomechanics of life in which man and machine become one. What is life? What is our purpose as machines on earth as we navigate the cityscapes? Extropy is life''

Oh you're so 21st century, J Nathan.

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