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Qatarsis - A Wonderful New World

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Very cool! I love that all the synth sounds are coming from the MicroBrute. I should really get one of those :)

It could use a bit more bass, though - but you know me, hehe...


The only thing that threw me a bit off was the hi-hat, but I got used to it ;)


I always enjoy your tunes and I like that I can hear that you're getting more and more conscious about your sound.

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thanks alot man, much appreciated :)


thanks man :) yea the brute is fantastic <3 go and get it ! it's such an inexpensive synth and i'm having loads of fun with it i must say (1st analog gear, but: daymn)
yeaaa i dont know if that hihat rhythm is complementing in general with the beat ? or do you mean the sound of the hihats itself ? anyway, i think the hihats are the shittiest element in this track :D i'll see if i'm going to fix them later

it's a pleasure to hear that really ! thanks again


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