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Ain't This a Mean World (Mr. Roque Remix)

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fuck, this is really great stuff!

reminds me alot of trentemöller, some dansk vibes hm :D ?

those snaps are really great, love the punch of em <3

cant say anything constructive, just got a questions maybe:

do you use any hardware stuff ? ^^
and i'd like this to be more evolved, that would be magnificient x) it's easy to say so, i know, but some kind of turning point or stuff like that, pew

best regards


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Thanks, man ;D

I made this in a couple of hours so the build-up isn't that interesting at the moment. But I'll definitely go back and fix a couple of things that I don't like about some of the sounds, effects, and especially the build-up because it kinda needs a break. I've got something in mind :) Also, I need to fix the noise on the original Horace Sprott recording.


Hmmm... I DO use some hardware but it's mostly soft synths to be honest. I've been meaning to dive into more hardware synths for a long time, but I want to buy the right synth and not just end up with some random synth that I don't have any use for. I got the Volca Keys a couple of months ago, but it doesn't really have any features that I can't emulate using external plugins on soft synths.

I've been meaning to buy the Moog Minitaur, but I'm also really interested in the Microbrute.


But thanks again! It means a lot to me! :)


Also, I know this isn't the usual music that catches WATMM's attention, but I thought I would post it anyway...

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let me know when you upload the new version ! this has a lot of potential imo, and yea the vocals are for my taste in general a little too dominant i must say, i'd prefer them to play not that often tbh (but this is just a matter of taste)
your basswork is incredible for sure, i like how clean the mix is and stuff, really nice textures, everything is balanced, hmmm yammi

yea, like i said, i buyed the microbrute, it's also my first hardware synth, and i love to have another workflow with it, twiddling knobs and stuff is just something different, i recommend it to you :D it's the best investment i've ever done regarding music ^^ !!
i dont know the volca keys, but the sound quality of pure analog is something else i think, i've also worked with software synth, but such a thing like the microbrute (or any other analog gear, i dunno) feels much different to me - anyway that entire thing is a topic itself :P


keep it up man


best regards



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Totally forgot about this one...


I've gone back and fixed a couple of things that bothered me (probably nothing you'll notice), but I don't think I'll go back and rework it too much, because it was just something I did for fun. But I'm glad you like it,Qatarsis :)

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