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Kid Lib & Phineus II - Mystery In Space


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Accompany Kid Lib & Phineus II on a voyage across the cosmos on a mission through time & space to try and find a planet where it's still the year 1993.


This album was crafted in distant galaxies where the use of hardware from the late 80's and early 90's still reigns supreme.







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Don't know how much action Green Bay Wax releases get on here, but these guys are the tits. If you like proper old school Jungle I'd advise buying everything they do or regret it later. It helps they're a super friendly group of people too, had the pleasure of having a brief chat with most of them at the last Rupture event. I'm mostly hankering after more Phineus II releases and more Bazia too at the moment, but all of it is top drawer (Kid Lib seems to be the most active and his selection of dubplates were my highlight of Rupture)! If you like this make sure to check the Phat Bubba label too which has a 12" featuring mostly their artists.

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