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I feel there's a large disconnect between electronic music fans and fans of guitar driven music. However, I am an appreciator of both forms (however general that may sound) and have a large place in my heart for hardcore. Please throw in some of your favorites, new/old/whatever.









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Never been a huge fan of this genre although I love that Discharge album, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Cro-Mags (does that count?), etc. Besides that, whenever I'm in the mood for this I usually just shuffle the four 'A Fist in the Face Of God presents Brad’s HXC Comp' albums, which are definitely worth checking out.



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cripes, where to begin even if the macho-posturing/fighting didnt always align itself with vegan politics,,,,,,,,whats the point in caring about lil animals if you kick the fuck out of each other?


for the US specific cities are a good guide: DC-Hardcore had some rrrrrrrockin bands, grip everything by Minor Threat and the spin-off of sorts Dischord label, State of Alert, Black Flag obviously (Rollins is a fuckin institution!), fuckin love Bad Brains for "Bad Brains" and "I Against I" lp's, Dag Nasty's "Can I Say".


Moving north you can not ignore Cro-Mags for NY & CBGB's, there was a ton of stuff going on around Boston that i'm not too clued up about & you could throw in MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) from Texas/SF as well.


Crossover bands did some good gear (listed above), Suicidal Tendencies, DRI & Corrosion of Conformity, couldnt beat any of those bands for deeeep guitar chugs on top of Hardcore-style insania


There was a top vid on u-tub about DC/US Hardcore, loads of interviews but internet on this train is fookin shite, but check out Salad Days, new doc on all things Hardcore:





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iunno about you guys, but I love where hardcore electronic is going


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I don't follow hardcore acts as much as I used to these days, but lately I've been digging Single Mothers:


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Hardcore is probably the reason why I love music so much. I've grown up in a town that had a very strong hardcorescene and I live near to the biggest hardcorefestival in Europe (Groezrck) so I've been very lucky to witness some of the bigger bands I love. But the best harcoreshows (and any show actually) are held in small rooms with poeple you know.

I've since moved to listening to dubstep and later IDM and a bunch of other stuff but no matter how much I love AFX and Autechre, hardcore gives me much stronger emotions than anything else I've experienced in my life musically. The problem with much "popular harcore" is that its just a bunch of fake ass gangster macho bullshit, something I really don't like.


Here are some local band I grew up with.


Accept The Change (escapism is a dying art), probably my favorite album of all time



More than life, the most emotion and honesty I've ever witnessed in a show.



there's a few others but they aren't on the internet :)


And some better known bands.





Have Heart



More than life



Defeater, recently saw them live and I've never heard a hardcoreshow that sounded as nice as that.

A member of defeater (Jay Maas) also mastered Some Verse and Have Heart records


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Guest murphythecat8

one of my most memorable memory when I was like 15 and totally impressed with the girl that start singing in this harcore song.


hardcore was my first love in music along metallica, limb bizkit and korn lol:

I particularly loved:

from autum to ashes

poison the well


as I lay dying

the red chord

the diliger escape plan

life in your way

darkest hour


I still listen to choke qutie often, but harcore is sadly not in my life. sadly because I should revisit. theres a lot in that kind of emotion that cannot be replaced any other way then with metal/hardcore ect

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I've never been a serious hardcore follower and I'm guessing this isn't even proper hardcore really, but I just remembered this song that I used to listen to back in highschool. I was fully expecting to cringe but it's not as bad as I thought would be on a revisit.



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"Black Flag obviously (Rollins is a fuckin institution!)"



Henry Garfield destroyed Black Flag.

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Guest Araungzeb

Soviet hardcore was far more badass, bitching about Reagan and Thatcher is one thing, having to escape out the back of a venue when the KGB cut the power is another.


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