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Sote - Arrhythmia


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[Record Label Records]

[Digital LP]


Sote - Arrhythmia

1. Exciters 4:19
2. Doid 6:38
3. Pep 3:50
4. Tabula Rasa 1:08
5. mbLFO 4:46
6. Meteora 5:25
7. Lacuna 6:34
8. Spundae 4:04

Running time: 37 minutes

Continuing his exploration of high energy and intense electronic music without traditional percussion, Sote aka Ata Ebtekar unleashes a new digital full length mastered by Noel Summerville called Arrhythmia, his 3rd release for Record Label Records. Coming out on Record Label Records May 25th, 2015 digitally. It will be available to purchase from Juno, Clone, Boomkat, Itunes and other digital retailers (bleep plz).

Listen to the full track 'Exciters' from Arrhythmia here

Brand new interview with Ata Ebtekar showcasing his entire discography and including many samples of his upcoming album Arrhythmia

Pre-order and ordering information will be posted to Record Label Records soon

note: if you have any questions for Ata he'll be popping in and out of this thread Edited by John Ehrlichman
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Awesome stuff, interesting that Sote refers to this kind of music as his own kind of techno, coz it definitely feels like that. It's always refreshing to hear something which is playing around almost physical borders, making them elusive. At least for me, it's huge part of the appeal of the likes of Ae or Dalglish in his (ar)rhythmic mode.

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yes totally agreed, there are a lot of other people making 'weird beatless electronic music' perhaps but very few with such purpose, experience and skill. The result transcends the concept, you don't have to have it explained to you to perceive the theme.

Edited by John Ehrlichman
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I also noticed how the wave continues into the moustache, that's funny contrast that gives life to a bit cliche "serious academic composer" picture.


Brings to mind how Chris Douglas had this cheesy lone-wolf-looking-down type of picture digitally decomposed for Scald Rougish's Bytreqw album cover, but this is more simple and interesting take.

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Guest sotesound

just listened to the preview track and it's huge, I'll come back. no bandcamp planned?

Glad you enjoyed the track...


No, this album won't be a BandCamp release. It will be released on RLR as digital format on the 25th of May...

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Guest sotesound

just got up to speed with modern internet culture


follow us on soundcloud:




on twitter:



Yes me too....Relatively recently got up to speed with social media etc. :-)

For updates and news follow me on https://www.facebook.com/ata.sote.ebtekar


I'll post another track from the album soon (before it's officially released)



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Guest sotesound

Sote what's it like to make this music in Iran ? Is there a scene for this music ?

Do you think Dr Mossadegh would have been into your music ?







Will this track be released? Part from 0:20 is just too funky.


Yes, it's part of the upcoming album Arrhythmia.

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