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Machinedrum's tribute EP to DJ Rashad


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From DJ Rashad FB page:


We want to give a huge thanks to our close friend, Machinedrum, for putting together 'Movin' Forward: A Tribute to DJ Rashad.' The project includes Machinedrum and DJ Rashad collaborations as well as a couple of Machinedrum tracks that were heavily influenced by the Teklife family. All of the proceeds will go to Rashad's son, Chad.

available @ BandCamp link below


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I was under the impression it was a colab that was unfinished. Either way I love it and I miss rashad



DJ Rashad was and still is a legend. Not only was he a Footwork and Juke pioneer but also one of the hardest working DJs and producers I've ever met. The dude really never stopped working. He was either globetrotting and spreading the sound of Chicago around the world or in the lab pushing himself to expand his sound further and further. On April 26 2014 the world lost one of the most inspiring and talented artists of our time. His spirit moves through Teklife, the dancers, his friends and everyone he has touched or influenced.


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Maybe this should be moved to new releases ?

Perhaps, but it was kinda tricky figuring out which subforum to post this in, since this EP/collab only appears to be available on BandCamp.


But if one of the Mods deems it appropriate to move this thread, I won't gripe.

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