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Mothership Collective - All N*gga Radio


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Mothership Collective - All Nigga Radio


Bonding Tapes is pleased to announce the anticipated release of The Mothership Collective's debut album All Nigga Radio. This tape takes the listener on a Funky Voyage with a late night radio broadcast twists. Includes various forms of music like Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, and also includes commercials, interview snippets and disc jockey ramblings. All Nigga Radio is dedicated to satire and sarcasm and invites the listener to feel the vibes of the music and to view the artwork not for it's original intent, but for how the context is presented. Taking the power away from the original propaganda and incorporating it into our every day lives. The album is available for free or pay what you want download, or on limited edition cassette.

Side A
Station ID (DJ Supanigga)
Nigga Summer (The Funky 7)
This Shit Right Here (The Funky 7 Theme song, Tall nigga mix)
Nigga Snare Beat (The Mothership)
We Don't give a Fuck Nigga (Rondell (featuring Henry Willis on drums)
Nigga Rock Commercial (Ram Co)
Niggas Comming To Get Ya (The Mothership)
Nigga Control (The Mothership)
Nigganomitry (The Mothership)
Interview With Conart (Ash Hudson interviewed by Lukecage DTLA)
Nigga Archeologist (George Clinton)
Crazy (RAS) Gedion Commercial
Station ID (DJ That Nigga and The Weed Man)
Nothing (Corn Row & Dukey Braid)
Let the Funk (Lukecage and Dwight Trible)
Loose Change (nigga mix The Mothership)
Stomp Down Nigga Beat (The Mothership)
Candy Pimp (JSwift/Lukecage)

Side B
Warfare Niggas (The Mothership)
Slide Nigga (Rondell)
Station ID (DJ Supanigga)
Suspect Niggas (Lukecage/Dwight Trible)
The Party (Nigga Mix)
Getcha’ Own Dick Nigga (Henry Willis)
Interview (Chuck De La Chuck and Laura Jane)
Abazantium (The Mothership)
UPK (’Sup Nigga Mix)
Station ID ( DJ That Nigga) Late Night Nigga Radio
Concrete Soul (The Mothership)
SuperNiggaGlue (The Mothership)
I Just Wanna Shine Nigga! ( the Mothership)
Station ID
Its Tha Weed! (The Weed Man)
Candy Pimp (JSwift/Lukecage)
Answering machine (The Funky 7)
Gangsta Titties (Rondell)




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