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New encym tracks


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Wow, this last one is really evocative of distant memories for me or something.


I appreciate the guitar phrasing drifting over the top. How did you process the guitar sounds? Is it guitar?


Thumbs up :)


Hi there, much appreciated!

Yes it's pretty much all guitar.

Do you mean the muted melody? That's octaves a la Wes Montgomery on a Strat with old strings, treble all the way down. ;-)

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Fan of all these tracks. Very slickly produced. I really like the melodic progression you manage to craft. In the last one the glassy choir type sound is great. Also I dig all the micro processing on the melody and beats in randomezzo. That must have taken ages. I tend to just work with synths and stuff but your music has really inspired me to work with audio. How long have you been making this kind of music?


Thanks QrQ!

Sens (Amb.Mx.1) is pretty much guitar only. Glad you liked it.

Randomezzo took a long time but once in the "zone", I hardly notice.

I love working with audio and have done so for ages; synths are there only in the background if at all.


I started making this sort of micro sample style - inspired by Jan Jelinek, Mille Plateaux, snd, Pole et al - over ten years ago.



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Hey guys,


Just to let you know; this very recent track is now available as a FREE download!

Go get it!



Digging this one mate - consistent high standards as usual.



Cheers much appreciated!

The latest jam is https://soundcloud.com/encym-soundtracks/unerhort

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Hi guys,


Thanks for following & appreciating what I do.


Here's a brand new remix, out 26 Sep:




Got the whole album. You did a great job on this remix. :catfallen:




Facecast is beautiful, the combination of acoustic guitar and stretchy ambiance is really unique, love the melodies the guitars and synths interplay, and the ever-developing sound of the arrangement and writing!


Thanks very much indeed guys! Much appreciated & glad you like it!

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