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22nd May 2015


After conquering Italy and France, Experimental Underground Surveys come to the UK

for their next installment in Selected Underground Ambient Experimental Works.

Curator: Ra Sonologyst

"UK is the place where, thanks to an ingenious musician as Brian Eno, ambient music was born in 70s. The place where Industrial music was launched thanks to Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire; where always new forms of electronic music came out during last decades. So you can image my pleasure to work on a selection of experimental underground works from there.

I want to thank all the artists, as usual, for their great and contagious enthusiasm, and for trusting my work. That's a satisfaction for me, as well as it's a big honor to make the selection of such creative works"


1.The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Suspended Animation 04:13
2.Harmegeddon - Neurokinetic 04:48
3.Anni Hogan & Martin Bowes - Organ Donor
4.Lost Harbours - Passing at Dusk
5.D.N.P. - Chasm
6.David Stevens - Last Day - A poem by Luna Rose
7.TimeDog - Dream Atom
8.Jeff Stonehouse - Midnight at Teques, Storm Approaching
9.Room of Roots - Lukewarm
10.Karakasa Kozō - Tales from the Eidolic Fields (Part Two)
11.Joseph Curwen - Whisperer in darkness (excerpt)
12.Septimus Keen - Haunting of the Spheres
13.Lee Riley - Hum X (dream edit)

Bandcamp Releases:

Follow the Release Event on Facebook Here:


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Very happy to add.......

i will be featuring as the opening track to this compilation with a ambient peice entitled:

"The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Suspended Animation"

due for release on......


The Hatcliffe House Tapes
Volume 5 - Ambient and Meditative States


Also available in May 2015.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Join us tonight at 7pm for the release of UK experimental underground 015 survey - volume I, this is my first appearance on a compilation album with "The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Suspended Animation"......be set to enjoy a compilation of great experimental musicians from the UK taking you through many different soundscapes and designs.





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