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Autechre live in London 2015

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Haswell is on, good grief this is unbearable.

Get out.


Also I'm wearing a grey letterman jacket and black trousers, and my head will detach halfway through Autechre and fly over the crowd, come say hi!

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We're on the balcony near the girl's toilets. Me, chesney, sprillian and Dan C.


Cum say hi.


I have long hair and leather jacket, sprill has a blue and red striped square backpack

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I have a beard and a grey-and-black-striped hoodie, feel free to punch me in the face for my plebeian opinions (note that there may be multiple people here matching my description).

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Underwhelming sound for the Autechre gig.

I found the bass overpowered everything for the first ten minutes or so, but after that it was great.

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Yes autechre were fucking amazing, and yes that russel person was ear rapingly shit. I name autechre 4 crown Princes of IDM

Having to listen to Russel Haswell is always a bit of a hazard with autechre gigs in the UK. I've had to sit through 2 of his sets and damn they were dreadful.
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General dynamic was quite strange - Rob Hall and Powell seemed to be very loud, Ae and Russ were too quiet for me, but it was nice for the system to be kept clean.

Easily the best Ae gig I've seen out of three, found a spot where the sound was sweet and danced maniacally throughout. Thank you thank you thank you Rob & Sean.

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Have a Zoom recording from last night/this morning, seems good, will sort it out later today and post here.


Please do!


Great night, loved all the acts. Haswell was good as a noise performance but I get that's not to everyone's tastes. A little disappointed Hall was just a warmup/filler act but Objekt knocked it dead at the end of the evening.


Agree AE sound was a bit off but great set as always, can't wait to hear any uploads.


Crowd vibes were a bit up and down but to be expected of such a large venue... I did actually try to find hello spiral + co but couldn't see anyone matching those descriptions. Hope yall got home safe and had a great night too!

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OK, here we go…

Recorded on a Zoom H4n, no E.Q. compression etc. done to this, the file *as is*.

I’d usually do my originals at 48/24 but foolishly forgot to change my batteries from

the last use of recording the Manchester gig, so downgraded to 44.1/16 to save

power, started the gig on one battery bar and the second half registered no battery

at all, but it got the whole thing. Learned the lesson of too much talking from being

in the middle at Manchester so positioned myself right hand side, twenty feet or so

from the speaker stack to get more music, less talking.

Haven’t had time to check these files since uploading so let me know if any problems.


WAV version:

44.1KHz 16 Bit, 625.42 MB


mp3 reference version:

320 kbps, 44.1KHz, 141.83 MB


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