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I played this set out last night. It started out ostensibly as a mix of *only* RDJ Soundcloud tracks, but I decided to change it up halfway through. Available for streaming/download from Soundcloud:




Here's what I ended up mashing into this one:


Aphex: 1 Chink 101, 14 07 B, 12 Rough Beat Tune, 13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig, 11 Early Morning Clissold, 12 Space Beat, Fork Rave, 10 Shit Smothered, 4 Ny Groove, 11 Phlangebeat, 25 funnel (25 arrd), 7 Cutting, 5 sline (5 jap flute energy rave), 4 Red Calx[slo], Hypersquij, 15 Sekonda, (Throatie), 33 Synthi Rhy [q], Th1 [slo], 5 Scorrier,
Autechre: Sublimit, Paroles (Autechre Repoles), Falling (Autechre - 'FR 13' Mix)
Boards of Canada: Palace Posy
Burial: Spaceape
Chris De Luca & Peabird: Deadly Wiz Da Disko
Dead Can Dance: In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings
Fieldtriqp: 90 Summer
Julianna Barwick: Cloak
Push Button Objects: Breakers Delight
Quinoline Yellow: Spion Kop
Seefeel: Tied
Squarepusher: Sarcacid Part 2
Stars of The Lid: Mulholland, Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part I
I hope it brings some enjoyment...

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