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Hey guys, thought I'd post our new Japanese sampler CD in here. There will be limited copies available from our store. It is released this Monday, May 4th and comes with free digitals. You can pre-order it from www.loveloverecords.net


Previews of the whole release can be heard here:

The exclusive track Murder Sound [Landen Massive] by 'whitelabel' can be listened to in it's entirety here: https://youtu.be/ZBpZw4WMW5I

  1. Scrase - Flyover (MNLTH Remix)
  2. Lakker - Deathmask
  3. Beatwife - All My Friends
  4. dLUDEd - Autumn – Light Edit
  5. Missqulater - High Leaper
  6. Scrase - Alopog
  7. FFF - Schemin'
  8. Christoph De Babalon - It's Returning
  9. Beastmaster - The Iron Pig
  10. HVAD - Angst
  11. whitelabel - Murder Sound [Landen Massive]
  12. TAFKAS - Duvet
  13. Anklepants - Mammalian-Baby falcors flight to rejuvenation
  14. Josh Hutton - Darkly Darkly Little Star


Love Love Recordsは、エレクトロニック・ミュージックに留まらず、非エレクトロニック・ミュージックまでをも包括する、強烈でユニークな音楽を発信している イギリスを拠点としたインデペンデントレーベルであり、ワールドワイドに活動しているレーベルである。このCDは、彼らLove Love Recordsが世に発表した過去4年間のセレクションであり、あらゆるフォーマットでリリースした中から珠玉の曲達をコンパイルしたバラエティ豊かな内 容になっています。


Love Love Records is an independent UK based international record label that covers a wide range of electronic and non-electronic music, but often with a strong and unique sound. Contained on this CD is a
selection of our output over the last four years, with a variety of
tracks taken from all formats of our releases - including 2 brand new tracks from Scrase and whitelabel that are exclusive to this release.



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Will buy this when I've decided what else I'm going to order from the label.

That awesome jungle track whitelabel - Murder Sound [Landen Massive] is a collab between Beatwife and Shitmat btw.


Please support this label btw (they really need it atm)

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Aye thanks! I'm really excited about the upcoming LP from them!
And yeah I won't lie, we could do with all the support we can get at the moment. We have so much amazing music waiting to come out!


Here's the exclusive track on the release from Scrase by the way, it's rather lovely!



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