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A homage of sorts to the music of Andrew Liles & Stephen Stapleton, the main sound alchemists behind Nurse With Wound. Field-work & distillations were conducted at Avebury stone circles, Carreg Cennan castle near Llandeilo and the westward range of The Black Mountains along Gwent's border with England. Interspersing elements include bits by James Joyce, Alvin Curran, Kink Gong, Brian Eno/Jon Hassell, Autistic Argonauts, Vakula & Jodey Kendrick. Translation is in the topic title.....



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Nurse With Wound - Opium Cabaret
Andrew Liles - Needle Heel
Andrew Liles - Untitled (2-10 off Miscellany Deluxe)
Nurse With Wound - Feed the Loathing
Alvin Curran - The Works 2
Oval - Reversioning
Andrew Liles - Bendy Buildings
Andrew Liles - Little Treatise On Morals I (Mademoiselle Eagle)
Andrew Liles - Little Treatise On Morals III (Philosophy In The Boudoir)
Andrew Liles - Live At The Evos Art Center, 2003
Nurse With Wound - The Golden Age of Telekinesis (Early Mix)
Finnegans Wake (excerpt)
Nurse With Wound - Akt. One
Andrew Liles - Hissing Fit
Kink Gong - The Lisu
Brian Eno & Jon Hassell - Chemistry
Autistic Argonauts - Schmackofatz I
Vakula - 19 Hours Prior To Arcturus

Jodey Kendrick - Sunshine Oramorph 10mg

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