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Anklepants USA & Canada tour!


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  • 2 weeks later...

• Thursday, June 18 - Star Theater Portland
Tickets available here

• Friday, June 19 - The Glob, Denver

• Friday, June 26 - The Mothlight , Asheville, NC

• Thursday, June 25 - PG , Evansville, IN

• Saturday, June 27 - The Race , Chicago secret location TBA
Tickets available here http://donttrusthumans.com/merch/anklepants-6-27-chicago-tba

• Sunday, June 28th - Sugar City , Buffalo

• Tuesday, June 30 - The Gladstone Ballroom , Toronto

More dates announced soon.

Promoters still interested in booking Anklepants in June please get in contact asap ... there are very few dates left

[email protected]


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i might go to the Buffalo show but im afraid that i will be the only one there and he'll rape me or something.


i really like what this guy is doing, his boiler room set (how i found him) is legendary, very out there and psychedelic.

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ah cool, i've been talking to the guys at the buffalo show....the guy who did their flyer is doing ours for the one in London in October, sounds like it'll be a great gig to be honest! He's an amazing live act, you should definitely go along!

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Have been listening to his music for years, but I kind of doubt I'll make it to his show, closest is in Portland.


WTF is with him playing in Evansville Indiana? I know the place, and it is a podunk town. Maybe Indianapolis would make sense, but...

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