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Garagey sort of track, constructive critisism warmly welcomed (:

Guest Spasmoid

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Guest manaat

0:01-0:05 - By the by, this intro is fantastic. Something about that sound I'd almost call "goopy", very interesting. I'd draw it out a little longer if possible, it's really here then gone again.

0:06 - Now, this is a bit hard for me to describe but at six seconds, the drums sound kind of fucked but almost immediately sound fine again. I'm really having the hardest time finding out what's bothering me about six seconds, can't put my finger on it.

0:22 - This synth is so dope, loving that little zip to it. However, we seemed to have moved really quickly from the vocals of a second ago into this new pattern. I'd have the vocal pattern run once more before moving into this bit.

0:36 - I should note that while the first half of the lead melody is fine, the second half seems to lose itself a bit, might want to tighten it up.

0:52 - Ok, on one hand the texture of this bassline is rad. On the other, again the melody isn't quite there. It's a bit hard for me to describe, but notice the spacing between the first two notes. Then the next three seem to come much more rapidly. Just feels uneven is what I'm trying to say.

0:57 - The melody gets really lost here.

1:13 - Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I'm really a bit lost at this point. The bassline is just too wild.

1:25 - Nothing wrong with them, but it'd help if these pads that just came in were positioned wider than the other synths.

1:36 - Hang on meow, now the bassline makes total sense. I'm not saying the bassline everywhere else has to be as slow as here, but it does need to fit in as it does here.

1:51 - Best part so far right here. Might be fun to have some modulation running on the bassline over several bars at this point, growing more metallic or something as we get closer to the next section.


Mad solid tune, that bassline just needs wranglin'

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