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Phyla Zen - The Barn Dance! (Noise/Experimental/Harsh)

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yo wuzzup. i was practicing some live noise performing this afternoon and took this section from a larger jam and thought it was p heavy and maybe any of you into merzbow n the likes will enjoy it





lots of distortion and live "glitching" if you will

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      had this uploaded for a couple days so i could listen over and see if i was ok with posting it here aha its quite different than the stuff i normally make, but i wanted to write something a bit more structured than i tend to do. Would love to know what y'all think!

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      thanks for listening,
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      what started off as a loud endeavor to piss my annoying neighbors off turned into a pretty decent track. i used my maschine and recorded the bit and chopped the beginning segments out where i built the beat.


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      I have a Turbo Rat and I'm contemplating getting one or two more distortion pedals for my setup. What do you guys like to use on drum machines and 303-type stuff? An obviously broad question, but I'd like some insight. I keep looking at some cheap pedals at the pawn shop with interest.
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