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LEGO Appreciation Thread

Rubin Farr

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I'm bored, so let's do a Lego thread. I'm sure most of us had at least one set as a kid, some have grown to love them as adults, as the licensing has become more inclusive. We now have Lego Friends aka Legos for girls, there's DUPLO - for very young children, Technic for teens / college age kids, Mindstorms - the robotic builders line, even an architectural line I've bought as gifts for people, that also include NASA Space Vehicles. Who is a fan, what are your favorites, do you remember building them as a kid, and how limited our block selection was? lol.


My friend Nick (RIP) had so many moon base floor tiles, he could cover his entire bedroom floor for sleepovers, great memories. I picked up another Star Wars set recently, probly my favorite line, but the Lego Movie, and the new Lego Dimensions video game have surely raised their profile to the new generations of youngsters. Too bad they're so overpriced usually now, but they make efforts to cater to poorer children as well, the small grab bags of mini figs, the $10 Star Wars line of Micro Fighters, etc.

They're a family owned company that's privately held, so really they have no one to answer to, except the consumer's wallet.

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I've sold all of mine a long time ago in a fair along with playmobils, comics, etc and I still hate myself for it.



I've had quite a bit of fun with my mindstorms kit, I used to frequent a forum that had a weekly competition or something where you had to build a domino track layer, marble sorter etc..

Unfortunately the battery compartment got fucked up so now I've soldered a DC supply to it and I can only make stationary things.


I used to be more of a K'nex kind of guy tho, and I still think it's a lot cooler than Lego.

That used to be the best shit ever.

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Lego Cuusoo was a crowd funding sort of idea, most votes got to production. They've since replaced it with Lego Ideas, not as cool sounding but the same concept. That Yellow Submarine looks great.



I had a look through those some time ago, some great stuff.

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Absolutely adored lego as a young fella, I have endless fantastic memories of going on 'holiday' to stay in my aunt and uncle's house along the coast and, as far as I can recall, just spending the entire time building Star Wars lego. Great days. I remember going for dull drives with the parents and looking out for weird-looking houses with cool chimneys, columns, etc, and getting home and trying to recreate them with lego.


I'm getting all nostalgic typing this, lol. All of my old lego is still at my parents' house, if I remember rightly. If I ever have kids, it's getting dug out for sure.


Great idea for a thread.

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Guest Chesney

Me and my bro always had Lego at Christmas and my missus carries on the tradition and buys me some Star Wars Lego to make on Boxing Day. I'm not in a position to post a pic right now but you may be able to see some of it in the studio thread pics I posted. I'll have a look and see.

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I certainly grew up with Lego. My brother and I often built all kinds of bases, aircraft, spaceships, and even submarines with Lego sets when we were kids.

I still have a plastic tub full of those pieces stored away, maybe two. The possibilities are still infinite with what you can build out of them.

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Found a few companies recently that do recreations of sets for a fraction of the price, that has always been LEGO's Achilles Heel: if you have enough bricks, you can build any new sets for free with the instructions. This wasn't much of a problem for them before the internet age, even though if you had a tub of square bricks in the 80s-mid 90s, all you needed to do was borrow your friend's instruction manual, and you could build his set for free.

With the introduction of more specialized pieces, and licensing in the late 90s, that became more difficult, and encouraged LEGO to raise their prices, which are still increasing. The reaction to this, and limited edition sets, is master builders can easily reverse engineer a set to pieces they are familiar with, and replicate them at will.

Companies like Constructibles, Comics-N-Stuff, 1st Foundations, and Moderno (eBay) offer custom or overpriced sets for half or less than the MSRP. The ComicCon and Star Wars Celebration sets are notoriously scalped online, and I say fuck those twits, and go bootleg. They're your pieces, do what you want with 'em.

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I loved the Lego 'Technics' edition as a kid. And also Lego 'System'.

Sometimes I wouldn't use the instruction manual and try to work it all out myself by just looking at the picture of the finished model on the box just to challenge myself. Endless fun.

I remember having lots of fun building this one in particular, back in the 1990s:



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when i was little i got a HUGE fucking amount of old lego that i had endless fun with

this type:





when i got older but still l iked to build i had a bunch of these type of lego including the one in the picture:



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