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LEGO Appreciation Thread

Rubin Farr

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On 9/18/2021 at 3:07 PM, randomsummer said:

Cue the slap bass.

(You can see LD on the fridge)






It should come with an LD mini fig standing off set, pulling what’s left of his hair out, with a script in his hand. If not, then cue the Kickstarter for the Curb Your Enthusiasm set. 👍

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I’m feeling pretty low at the moment but this was a delightful thread to read while nursing a sore back and pint in my local pub. Once again winters coming and once again I struggle with how to keep myself occupied in a positive way as the nights draw in. Red wine and Netflix is okay, but that only goes so far (plus I’d like to drink a little less red wine…) Reading books seems dependent on a very erratic mood swing but adult Lego could definitely work for me, something different to direct my energy into. I was kind of obsessed with it as a kid, doing the technical lego car kits etc (I remember pneumatic Lego?) This thread has really inspired me to get back into it. Especially the World Map and the Wind Turbine which are still in stock. The downside? It’s gonna cost me five hundred English pounds to procure them. Having said that they are damn cool objects to keep and look beautiful. So maybe it’s worth it. 



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Looks great! I decided this year to finally unpack all the LEGO sets I acquired in my travels to different countries, and set up a Hogwarts Express / fantasy / spaceport smorgasburg. I do have a motor kit for the Hogwarts train, but maybe next year, also couldn't find my LEGO gingerbread house, damn.














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Played some lego three summers ago at a friend place, before covid and pretty much loved it as much as a kid. Constructed a kind of brain soup boiler with a witch and sacrifice shrine in lego lol

If i had a house i would have a music room, a painting room and a lego room i think.

edit: found the photos of it






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