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All in one thread for your listening pleasure :braindance::music:


kickin it off with another sample experiment, all types of feedback welcome





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heavy duty! like the beat work on this and great production, am not so keen on the baseline patch/sample...don't really like that distorted acidy sound....would like to hear something with the same notes but a smoother bass sound

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Guest manaat

0:01 - Hmm, those taps that accompany the main kick, I feel like they're a bit too loud compared with the rest of the elements. Honestly, a little shimmer from a plate reverb would be nice on them too.

0:07 - I like that 80's-sh synth that starts here, it's could stand to be a bit louder though. The first loop of the vocals fits nicely with the notes, the second loop of it feels a bit off though.

0:15 - These vocals feel totally out of place though. They don't seem to retrigger in time, and really feel like a second song playing on top of the current one.

0:22 - Track regains here, this next synth is perfect in tone for the song so far.It is slightly harsh on the ear though.

0:37 - Ok, I feel like the synth (I presume is just playing notes polyphonically now) really has some potential, that's a very cool sound but again the harshness is somewhat much.

0:48 - I had to skip ahead a little here for above cited reason.

0:59 - RIGHT HERE. Deffo best part of the track, really coming together here. From this part forward the track starts sounding like a proper release.

1:14 - That little swoosh into the wood hit is v dope.

1:23 - Again here though, the vocal retriggering seems out of time. If you are doing the retrigger manually (Tapping on a drum pad or something), consider chopping the actual clip to your DAWs grid or getting a VST like SupaTrigger. You know what? After listening a few times closely, perhaps the samples are retriggering in time, but maybe they have a slight gap of space between the clip start and the actual noise start. One or the other, but either way you should take a look.

1:36 - I should note I'm really digging those reverb'd scratchy noises that have been added to the drums here.

1:45 - The plot gets lost here, the samples seem random and out of place.

One note I have is that this song sounds a bit like a really long transition between a verse and a chorus. My ear keeps awaiting a part where some chords drop in or something to indicate the chorus, but it never quite gets there. 0:59 till 1:22 or so is super solid, and I would really focus on those sections and expanding the track around them.

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lel love your play by play thingy. if the vocals seem a bit off or like two songs playing over each other its because I want to disorient my listeners. this song is finished tbh, I just love hearing what other musicians would have done so as to help me with my next track.

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