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Metaphors in sound exploring the relationship between the forces of nature & human psychology. Or something like that. Your guides through this audio terrain include Syntonic Research Inc, Andrew Liles, The Bohman Brothers, The Sonic Catering Band, Steven Stapleton, William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Maeror Tri, Wolfgang Dauner & Jon Hassell. Track-list soon,,,,


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eh oop & 'scuse the delay,,,,,,,missus did her tidying everything up routine before i'd written the titles down,,,,,, again ,,,,,,,,


i think they go a lil summat like this:


Syntonic Research Inc. - Tintinnabulation
Andrew Liles - An Uneventful Afternoon
Bass Communion - Ghosts On Magnetic Tape IV
Bass Communion - Ghosts On Magnetic Tape V
Andrew Liles - Where
Andrew Liles - No Future
The Bohman Brothers & The Sonic Catering Band - Imperial Metric
Andrew Liles - Beneath Green Wave, or in the Brown Mould
Nurse With Wound - Die, Flip Or Go To India
Nurse With Wound - Akt. Four
Andrew Liles - Root Canal
Irr. App. (Ext.) & Nurse With Wound - Form In Fasciation
Andrew Liles - Beached
Brion Gysin - Recalling All Active Agents
Andrew Liles - Swamp Thing (Bloodbath For Bunyip)
William Burroughs - Curse Go Back
Maeror Tri - Secret Ways Of A Pyramid
Wolfgang Dauner - My Spanish Disguise
Faust (7) & Nurse With Wound - Tu M'Entends?
Nurse With Wound - Scrambled Egg Rebellion In The Smegma Department
COH - Boog
Thighpaulsandra - Black Nurse (edit)

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No worries brethrens, a worthy investment of your time hopefully.


*Note to self, next time compile track-list and keep records/cd's aside before working away from home,,,,,,,,

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Damn you, I was gonna use Imperial Metric on my next mixtape.


*shakes fist*


Nah seriously though, this looks great. Really enjoyed the last one, look forward to hearing this.

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the spine is mostly Andrew Liles & Steven Stapleton, two producers who justifiably warrant finding & listening to just about everything they('ve) put out


gotta love the care & attention to detail they put into their vinyl releases too



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