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What Are You Having For Dinner


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The girlfriend and I just made burritos with chicken, rice, cheese and shit tons of hot sauce. Each burrito weighing over a pound and my stomach is going to fucking explode. What are you guys/girls eating right now


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probably beany/lentily tacos


my default "can't be bothered cooking anything elaborate"/"can't afford to buy dinner" meal. it's pretty nice though

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chicken and broccoli with egg fried noodles in soy sauce, the chartreuse special



i forgot you were a chicken man.


the meat of kings


you should try making chicken fajitas one night with some stir fry mix instead of fajita mix. its so fucking good

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Fresh tomatoes and garden grown basil drizzled in organic olive oil and sea salt for appetizer. Beef curry with rice and a side of green beans and pickled radish. Blueberry chocolate for dessert. Couple of pale ales for drinks.

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leftover stew type thing consisting of onion, chicken, tomatoes, capers, basil, and a ton of olives (probably other things too, but my wife cooked it so I unno), which was slow cooked in a dutch oven (lol)


leftovers consumed straight out of the pyrex leftover container because wife not home


and drinking water out of my klean kanteen because I need to wash all the glasses


capers are flower buds, how cool is that shit

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capers are grozz tho ;(



Fresh tomatoes and garden grown basil drizzled in organic olive oil and sea salt for appetizer. Beef curry with rice and a side of green beans and pickled radish. Blueberry chocolate for dessert. Couple of pale ales for drinks.


jesus that sounds boner-ific

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fish pie - haddock, king prawns, with fried off diced carrots/red onions/leeks, thyme, butter, lemon zest, poury cream, mashed spud topping w/grated cheddar


lob in the oven for 35mins.....rrrrrockin


more of winter munch, but its fuckin FREEZING here today and its June already.....wtf, sort it out already NW Europe

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Loaves of dried bread and mucky river water probably. Such is the life of a starving vagabond who bought a mac and was out of rent and food for two months.

I will admit it's fun to guess what you're going to have for dinner, much less if you're going to have dinner. Such unpredictabilty leads to novelty in life and novelty leads to happiness and happiness leads to high serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain which leads to a psychology degree which leads back to money which leads to happiness which leads again to high serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain which leads to spending money for constant novelty, which leads to a fucking gambling addiction which leads back to loaves of dried bread and mucky river water for DINNER which repeats the cycle.

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      half a pack of dry fettuccine/linguine
      good few sprigs of fresh mint
      good few sprigs of fresh basil
      350g of smoked trout or mackerel
      pint of milk
      grated parmesan
      salt and pepper to season
      you'll need a hand blender.
      get a decent kettle of water on the boil.
      meanwhile roughly chop the spring onions, asparagus, and half the mint and basil. discard the bottom inch or so of the asparagus spears, which is woody and tough. leave the asparagus tips intact.
      get some oil on a medium heat in a decent pan with tall edges, and get the water into a pot and on the boil.
      fry the spring onions, add the asparagus after a minute, and then the milk, peas and the chopped mint and basil about two minutes later. season liberally with salt/pepper.
      now get the fettuccine cooking, it takes about 11 minutes. season the boiling water liberally with salt.
      add about two tablespoons of flour to the veg/milk mix, then stir, reduce to a low heat and simmer. use the hand blender to blend about a third of the veg into the sauce. it'll start to thicken up nicely. after a few minutes, add the flaked fish.
      when the pasta is done, strain it but save about half a cup of the starchy pasta water, and add that to the pan with the sauce. simmer for another minute or two. the starcy water will make it all silky and glossy and chef-y.
      mix the pasta and the sauce in a big bowl and garnish with the parmesan and the remaining mint and basil.
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      You know when, for whatever reason, you think of a really specific kind of food and start craving it?
      I've been studying human nature for a while now, and when you put it in that context, it turns out to be a really interesting topic. Going back to our evolutionary days, cravings were essential. It made sure we had all the nutrients and vitamins we need to survive.
      The human body is designed to recognize all the different things you eat. It pays special attention to this task, just as it does to recognizing subtle body language, or the minute details of spoken word. Suppose you're eating a specific food, let's say a baked potato. Here your body is doing two things at once. Firstly, it takes a mental picture of the food, focusing on everything about it; its taste, its texture, the movements involved in eating it, and of course, how delicious it is. These sensations are saved and memorized, but this is only half the picture.
      After the food is eaten, your body begins the second phase. During digestion, it is sorted and checked for all its nutritious value. It could have Vitamin C, which helps you live longer. It could have carbs, which give you muscle energy. If your baked potato had butter on it, you have energy which can be stored for future use. All of these things are remembered, and directly associated with the memory of eating the food.
      So now, you have a complete picture of a baked potato. Whenever your body wants Vitamin C, or carbohydrates, or anything else coming up short in its day-to-day workings, the picture is there, ready for use. It's amazing, a testament to the wonders of evolution. A direct link between our imagination and our basic biology.
      Some people feel guilty for their cravings. According to the seven deadly sins, it's actually wrong to have these feelings. In its appreciation of the miracle of human life, Proverbs 23:2 proclaims "put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony." I don't know about you, but I have the utmost respect for an intelligent force that wants me to stay alive.
      Cravings can lead to all sorts of interesting situations, and that's why I wanted to start this thread. Yesterday I bought six bottles of sparkling mineral water. I usually have some kind of drink with me throughout the day, but I figured I could use a change from all the sodas and fruit juices I'm used to.
      So for the last few hours or so since my last meal, I've basically drank nothing but sparkling water. The bottle has been here next to my desk, exactly where a carbonated, sugary soft drink would sit. But a moment ago, something very interesting happened. Just as I was drinking it, I got a sudden craving for golden syrup. Sweet, sugary golden syrup. Weird, huh?
      But that's exactly it! Sugar is just the thing missing from this water. After all this association between the fizzing CO2 of a pepsi, and the sugar registered in my body, I have combined in my head the cravings for carbonated soft drinks and sugar. My body senses this lack of sugar and, with a suggestive nudge, selects the beautiful image of dessert syrup, something I must've eaten years ago.
      I just think it's really amazing to see this mechanism working in action, and to marvel at what it can do.
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