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posting the Lory D love for WATMM, don't really see any posts rating his moments




a grower this record has been :)




These are just great for mixing at parties :wink:


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I'm liking the tracks (especially that first one!) but have to be honest and say that I'm not diggin the production, reminds me a bit of the sterile 'minimal'-ish techno sound of the mid to late 00's. It didn't help that his Boiler Room set also really didn't seem to do much for me. However, this is Lory D we are talking about here though, so I'll definitely give it another chance later.

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really digging this stuff lately. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! what i wouldn't give for some legit label to do a repress of 9 tracks 4 a fine road hog. rephlex shoulda jumped on that. some of the trax are also on sounds never seen.

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