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Cheetah EP Poll:


A. It will be 303-acidy / Analord / Tussy

B. It will be Windowlickerish / Syro-ish / Funky / Jazzy

C. It will be Analogue Bubblebathy / Bradley Strider / GAKish

D. It will be Drukqsy / rdj album / HAB / hi tech idm-dnb / prep piano / orchestral

E. It will be ambient

F. It will be noisy (early Aphex / Caustic / Smojface etc)

G. It will be mysterious and heady techno-break-chill-acid-ambient fusion (SOSW / On / Ventolin / ICBYD/ 26 Mixes)

H. It will be none of the above (new next level shit)

I. It will be some mashup / combination of any of the above


What do you guys think?

It's either going to be a safe EP like ODJS (that's not a bad thing) or it's going to be mind blowing next level transcendent holy beats.


I can't imagine it being anything other than either of those.

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cheetah bonus tracks would be sweet

disagree. it's a valuable item. warp wouldn't just give it away. they're trading it to drive more memberships to the aphex bleepstore, because they know at some point, there will be a very nice r


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Man those are weird catagories Lane :P

My guesses based off of evidence (and the lack of..) so far:

It's probably just going to be a slower syro, with a few aesthetic differences. The art and feel of the two are somewhat similar, though I imagine it will feel more retro. Syro was weird in that, while it used retro synths and whatnot, I wouldn't categorize the feel as retro, whereas this one is probably going to actually feel retro.

It will be about as good as syro, or not too far behind as he's releasing it with aphex twin, meaning he probably has higher opinions of the material than DJOS. Probably. Though he may also be releasing it on Aphex Twin as it may have more mainstream appeal, and Orphaned was more for the fans, or the people who like his more microtonal side.

I really love the fact that he's releasing music this way. It gives you time to get excited about each and every release, whereas when he released just within a few months of each other, there was somewhat less excitement with the subsequent releases.

Oh yeah, and I'm calling it now, those "2 unreleased Syro tracks" will be on this release :). Seems like the perfect candidate! Also, there will be a few quite new tracks on the release from the past year.

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I'm having thoughts that even though it has "EP" in the name, it will be rather lengthy. I don't know why, something is just telling me that.

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^^ I sent various small mammals to come to your place of living and whisper that fact into your ear as you sleep.

It's all apart of the plan...

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Holy crap!! How did I miss this? WATMM needs an imminence meter that goes off like fucking red alert when Aphex is at peak imminent level. Bring it on. That flyer looks ace.

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this picture was taken with a synthesizer





shit is so imminent omfg

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