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Acidhead - Time Is Gone EP

Guest goplastic

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Guest goplastic

Hey guys, check out my first EP!!!

Its out now on the netlabel




Time is gone





01 - Time is gone (4:49)

02 - Ewnoc 4 (5:16)

03 - Pass by (5:22)

04 - High (5:34)

05 - Wires (5:30)



"Time is gone it's a film that doesn't shows, a picture made of warming and deceiving moving light. It's the passing time, things that changes, people moving without a destination. It's everyone's story. Time is gone it's closing the eyes knowing that not all the things are lost. "


Download it for free at:




C&C are very welcome!


www.acidhead.it - www.myspace.com/acidheadmusic

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Guest goplastic

Thank you guys for the comments.

This is my first Ep, i am going to produce for the next winter a long play.

And soon my site will be online.

oh. and check out also my stuff site: www.notyet.it. it is in italian language.. i am sorry





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This is really great, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I am pleasantly suprised. Any backround info on 'Pass by'? Thanks a bunch for sharing.

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