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What's the best iPad to buy ' now ' ?

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Guest skibby

I just realized I could use an Ipad in the studio, what's the best one to buy if I want to use it as an outboard synth host?


How do you iPad owners integrate yours into your setup?


Do old Ipads run new iPad OS'es? Any caveats?

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I guess the first things to ask is are the app(s) you want to run related to what you want to do available for iPad?


Secondly, as far as iPads go, I wouldn't get an iPad any older than say an iPad 3rd generation (first one to have Retina display), or if you want something compact, nothing older than an iPad Mini 2nd generation (again, first to have the Retina display). If a lot of storage is not a concern, than you can get by with the 16GB models of either, but if you anticipate using it for other things, look at least to the 32GB models or higher, and if you buy an older iPad/iPad Mini, you can usually get the higher capacity older models for the same price or cheaper than the current generation 16GB models.

Forgot to add - look at Apple's refurbished iPads/iPad Minis - they are virtually new (new screen and casing, innards are the only thing "refurbished") and you can save quite a bit buying via Apple that way.

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i would hesitate to buy any apple product without a warranty. only apple-certified repair centers can fix them, at prices that apple set, so that when they fail, the repair cost is high enough that you will buy a new one instead.

refurbished is def. a good choice though, you can still get a warranty.


there is supposedly an "ipad pro" coming soon, dunno about features or cost yet.

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i just bought a broken screen mini (whichever model comes with the lightning connector - i think its ver1?) for £70. the screen works, its just cracked and some girl sold me it on ebay.



works fine for STROM for my Rytm. which is what i wanted


dunno how easy it is to fix the screen

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i just bought a broken screen mini (whichever model comes with the lightning connector - i think its ver1?) for £70. the screen works, its just cracked and some girl sold me it on ebay.



works fine for STROM for my Rytm. which is what i wanted


dunno how easy it is to fix the screen

Biggest difference between the 1st gen Mini and the 2nd/3rd is the screen resolution (1024x768 for 1st gen, 2048x1536 for 2/3. Mini 3rd gen is identical to iPad Air 2 except in terms of form factor)

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