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Is there a way to follow someone but not have to get their repostings, only their tracks. Reposting should be shunned i think, your stream is a manicured garden (well lets be real , it's a weed filled forest of acquaintances, people you admire sonically and those you just added for some reason once who you kind of root for now cause they're there), i don't want weeds growing in it, only those that i choose may enter, else it'll be like facefart where you're scrolling all day just to get to actual postings. Anyway, i wanted to add back this guy that added me cause he's making drum and bass which isn't terrible and something different compared to the rest of my stream but all he does is repost stuff. So any ideas chaps ?

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Dunno, but my workaround is just to go to the artist in question and click on their tracks.

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yeah but you won't know that you have to if they aren't in your stream, you'll never notice that they made anything at all. It's quite counterproductive for an artist this reposting malarky.

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It's a fair point. I don't follow many on soundcloud so I suppose I'm not the person to ask.

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Don't think it's possible on soundcloud yet, it is possible on Twitter afaik. It can be annoying, but when someone retweets other stuff too much for my liking I just unfollow that person. Easy peasy.

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You could setup an RSS feed thing with just someones track page, I think. Maybe. Soundcloud does have RSS of itself but it seems the user itself must enable it and share the link.

Could be done with a userscript, also.

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