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Ceephax Acid Crew - Charismatic Integrity Slam EP


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Guest bitroast

YESSS been waiting!!!

where's the preorder button ?? *furiously clicking hyperlinks on soundcloud page hoping for the best* come on damnit work baby!!!

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Guest bitroast

nah definitely sounds like probeys poker to me ... maybe it's an alternate version or something ? or just similar riff ??

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Already sounds better than Cro Magnox.



Apples and oranges.


Cro magnox is under "Ceephax", Andy's more "serious" output.


Anything "Ceephax Acid Crew" is a little goofier and upbeat.


Edit: also cro magnox was amazing wtf applesauce

Edited by StephenG
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Guest bitroast

Label and tracklist !!

It WAS a probey track at end there. Was also recognizing that melody in second track but ... I couldn't pick it ... *defeated!!!*




A1 Camelot Chronicles

(Basil Ultima's slamchord mix)

A2 Vladijenk II

(The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition)

A3 Zarch

(Xenotronic cider twerk iiiv)


B1 Trenzium

(Double-din interplaza 5000 render)

B2 Probey's Pretzel

(The old days were better in the old days version)

B3 White Wig Dream

(Baroque escalator concoction)

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Wow, been bumping it on repeat for the last hour, solid release. Ceephax keeps it alive. He just keeps topping himself.

Love all the track titles and their (sub mix names)

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