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Name of that terrible rap album that Aphex Twin was rumored to have made the beats to?

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I remember seeing it on youtube years ago but I barely remember anything about it.

Actually I'm not even sure if there even was a rumor but I remember there was a comment on the album cover by Luke Vibert saying that "he couldn't really get into it".

It was probably released on Rephlex Records and the rapping was deliberately bad. Thanks.

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Ha ha.



"In the future all music will sound like this. Throw away all your old albums, you don't need them any more" Cassetteboy
"Manor Boys whet my whistle." Ceephax
"I couldn't really get into it." Luke Vibert

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Guest chunky

hahaha - brings back memories of trolling


philie t is a TWORT actually


dont get sucked in to that snake charmer's TRAMP 'tude


philie twort tramp

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