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Lackluster: deFocus Package (rare vinyl exclusive tracks / etc) on Bandcamp


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Hi, hope you like this:


Lackluster: deFocus Package


1. Sundial Jam (Suntrap Tomas Szepe Remix) 05:43

2. Ix Pen 05:02
3. Meanwhile 06:23
4. Cull Streak (Sense Mix) 03:39
(previously unreleased):
5. Meanwhile (Sense 354 Mix) 03:54
6. Cull Streak (Sense -2 Mix) 03:46
(Released on "Mine is Yours N5MD Tim Koch thing):
7. Cull Streak (Tim Koch Dull Streaker Mix) 06:04
(previously unreleased):
8. Meanwhile (S3ns3-354mix) 06:16
9. Meanwhile (Vim Remix) 05:20
10. Cull Streak (Bauri Remix) 06:19
11. Glimpses 02:50
12. Glimmer 04:49
13. 01.it (Suntrap Original) 03:02
(Wrapping Vinyl Exclusive):
14. KCL2 03:39
released 20 July 2015
"Welcome to deFocus Package - consisting of rare, vinyl-only exclusive tracks from the deFocus archives - tunes you might not have heard before. Also, here's your chance to finally hear all of the four remixes by Sense, the rare Bauri remix, and a previously unreleased Vim remix. :) Enjoy!
Remixes by Adam Raisbeck aka Sense, Martin Abrahamsson aka Bauri, Keith Baylis aka VIM!, Tomas Szepe aka Tomas Szepe, Tim Koch aka Tim Koch.
Photo by Saskia Font, from Lab30, Augsburg, Germany.
Original tracks by Esa Ruoho a.k.a. Lackluster, for deFocus FOC349 12", FOC354 12", FOC368 12", FOC369 LP & so on."
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