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Sleaford Mods - Key Markets


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I jumped into my car to get this today when I realised it just came out. Easily the most badass record of the year. This time there's actually a book with the lyrics, so you can (sort of) figure out what's he's talking about if you're from somewhere outside the UK.


Tarantula Deadly Cargo, wow, but the whole thing is great. I love black comedy mixed in with the brutal social commentary. I've never heard music that works jokes into a dark brooding song so well.


It's maybe a bit more musically diverse than their other records, I think it's my fave so far, but it's a hard call.

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I really like Sleaford Mods but I find them really hit and miss... What I like I really like and the rest just doesn't do anything for me... Same story with this record unfortunately. Really like Tarantula Deadly Cargo and really really like Rupert Trousers...

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