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Night Sequels - The Children Of The Night Make Music


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Yeah, good to see this finally get a fixed date. I was beginning to think it would never happen, despite the stuff that was released earlier this year.


Now all I need is some new Dalhous and Bola.

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I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a response to this announcement. I plunged further into debt to preorder this without a second thought. If 'She Slays' is a little giveaway teaser then the album proper should be amazing. In fact, I just know it will be.

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the back half of 'dripping house/black dream' is resonating particularly well with me. reminds me of kids fill the floor in the best way.


just happy to have any new tunes from nick and/or freescha. while i digest this album ill remain hopeful there are casino vs japan and AM boy full LPs on the way.

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    • By Rubin Farr
      Excellent lineup on the track list:

    • By Mellow U
      01 Swamp Bike
      02 Night Bus
      03 Plastic Swamp Log
      Pay what you want and pass it around! This is a free single to provide a taste of what is to come in a few months at Attacknine. Some of you may remember the title cut from the Highschool Guitar EP (only a few copies of the clear 12" vinyl are still available here), and Night Bus was previously an iTunes-only exclusive track and now freed from its digital chains. Plastic Swamp Log is a newer recording, written specifically for this single, and features an eight-minute psychedelic reimagining of Swamp Bike with some new changes and vocals as well. Bonus points for some of the additional guitar overdubs on PSL being played by WATMM's own leafs! This is also only the second time I've recorded vocals for something, the first instance being Didn't Sleep At All on the Children Of The Hill 2x7" split with Orick (also still available on lovely vinyl here).
      Also, there is a mind-melting video for Swamp Bike. HD and full-screen is recommended for this one!
      You can download the uncompressed high-definition video here: http://t.opsp.in/a19h9
      So yeah, hope everyone digs this. I'm really excited to start releasing the stuff I've been working on for Attacknine for years now. More to come!
    • By Mellow U
      Available for PREORDER on Saturday September 10, 2011. Street Date: Monday September 26, 2011
      A dual 7" Split Release from Brian Grainger and Orick (longtime friends and musical collaborators, John Borucki & Nick Huntington).
      ***The first 48 Preorder Customers will receive three One-Of-A-Kind photo prints taken by Brian, John, and Nick. These first 48 7"s will be stamped, numbered, and signed by Brian, Nick, and John on the inner sleeve.
      Limited to 500 Pieces. The set includes:
      Dual Mixed Color 7"s
      7" #1 - BRIAN GRAINGER
      Side A: "Didn't Sleep At All" & "Endless Orange Daydream"
      Side B: "Summer Camp" & "Bedroom Curtains" ***(Vinyl-only Track)
      7" #2 - ORICK
      Side C: "Southern Son"
      Side D: "Chatsworth Evening Glow" & "Grand Old Ocean" ***(Vinyl-only Track)
      Digital Audio of "Didn't Sleep At All", "Endless Orange Daydream", "Summer Camp", "Southern Son" & "Chatsworth Evening Glow" plus TWO TRACKS EXCLUSIVE TO THIS SET "Didn't Sleep At All (Pacific Version)" mixed by Orick, and "Southern Son (Overhills Version)" mixed by Brian Grainger.
      One 4"x 4" Vinyl Sticker
      Four 1" Buttons

      Preorder Customers will receive a link or code for download of the Digital Package via email on Saturday September 24th, two days before street date.
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