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Plaid (Elektron EP launch), DJ Mr Switch (4xDMC World Champ), Corsica Studios, LDN


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Massive night at Corsica Studios on 15 August. Plaid launch their Elektron EP, Mr Switch does his mega-DJ thing, loads of plenty good people supporting and DJing. Come check it. Here's the official listing:

Diskordance and The Dodo Club have joined forces to bring a mind bending underground elektro all-nighter over two rooms.

The stage is set for an evening of analogue beats, ethereal harmonies, futuristic breaks, elektro, and turntablism in association with Elektron and Native Instruments (Traktor), two of the most forward thinking and innovative companies in the world of DJing and audio production.

The event celebrates legendary duo, Plaid's official E.P. launch, and the highly anticipated label launch of Elektron Grammofon.

Plaid's one off live analogue performance of exclusive tracks from the limited Elektron E.P. will be supported by unheard, unreleased, and completely original LIVE material.

Strictly limited pre sale copies of the vinyl e.p. will be available on the night.

The event also marks Mr Switch’s debut on Native Instruments Traktor Scratch software. The 4 x DMC world champion and unrivalled master of scratch will be performing a special set of elements from his incredible scratch routines.

Alongside these headline acts, Diskordance and The Dodo club have curated a line up of flourishing talent from the contemporary and experimental electronic music scene; from the innovatively creative to the wilfully obscure.

Line Up:

Live Elektron (music machines) Sets: Plaid, Dataline, Defunkt Dialekt, Future Image

Traktor Scratch/Remix Sets: Mr Switch, ADJ, Pawnsphinx, OdD Modelz, Joseph S Joyce

Dodo Club DJs: Pathic, Steve Faulkner, Errorbeauty, Acell

Further Information


Plaid: Genre defining and defying, legendary Warp duo, Plaid play a special LIVE analogue set using Elektron music machines.
EGR45 – 00001, limited vinyl release of 300 copies, with proceeds going to Plaid's chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Research.
Limited pre sale vinyl available at the event ahead of Elektron worldwide launch


Mr Switch / ADJ. The 4 x DMC world, and current champion, will do a special dance set alongside veteran elektro DJ and producer ADJ. The 'dynamic duo' will be using Traktor scratch/stems/remix decks, 4 turntables, and twin mixers. For fans of elektro, breaks, and turntablism, these sets are not to be missed


Joesph S Joyce and OdD Modelz will be performing traktor remix sets using the latest version of NI Traktor, focussing on NI stems and live remixing (in the remix decks). As both are NI product experts we can expect to see Traktor in full effect


Elektron Grammofon is the latest undertaking of Elektron Music Machines, leading Swedish manufacturer of synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. An Elektron Grammofon release is a 12” vinyl record, made by an artist using Elektron instruments. The releases are limited to 300 physical copies. No digital version. All proceeds go to charity. The first release, featuring Plaid, will be available for purchase through the Elektron website shortly after the official launch event.


Native Instruments is a technology company that develops software and hardware for music production and DJ-ing. Responsable for some of the most significant technological break throughs in digital DJ-ing to date, Native instruments recently announced Stems; a new open source audio file format. Stems version of Traktor launches 3rd Aug 2015.


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