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King Midas Sound - Editions 1-4


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KMS are doing a series of collaborative albums titled Editions 1-4.


Edition 1 is out Sep 18 and features Fennesz.




1. Mysteries
2. On My Mind
3. Waves
4. Loving or Leaving
5. Melt
6. Lighthouse
7. Above Water
8. We Walk Together
9. Our Love


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Don't get me wrong, I love Kevin Martin's productions.


This tune fucking amazing, whole album is tbh:




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Guest Deco Balcony

Not sure how I feel about the lack of dubbiness in that new track - although i'm not at all familiar Fennesz so maybe harder to appreciate.


On another note just discovered this solo album from their vocalist Roger Robinson released earlier on this year which I'm really liking! http://www.discogs.com/Roger-Robinson-Dis-Side-Ah-Town/release/7026451 reminds me of Linton Kwesi Johnson

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This is the tits. More artists should step out of their element and do collabs like this - sure plenty of them don't pan out, but when they do they tend to be excellent as. Sometimes ppl can get lost trying to pushing limits/envelopes when just cross-pollinating with the right complement of sounds can yield plenty new/interesting results.


Anyway pitchfork will prolly give this a 6.5 and find something to bitch about

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