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autechre at tauron nowa muzyka festival (katowice): 21 - 08 - 2015

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Hi all!


Below, I would like to offer my impressions from yesterday's Autechre gig in Katowice, Poland. The concert was a part of Turon Nowa Muzyka Festival and AE were given an hour slot in the middle of the night. The gig clocked at little over an hour. It was as usual dark (unfortunately due to concert's location it wasn't completely pitch black). Music seemed like relentless sonic warfare. Sounds were literally coming from everywhere and made the whole room trembling. Compared to Kraków, this set was much more aggressive and foreboding. One could hear some motives from their previous sets, however, these were reworked and beefed up. This time AE seemed to focus rather on rhythm then on melodies. The beats and rhythm structures were insane! Constantly shifting and washed in hazes of noise... All of that drove the crowd into ecstatic dance.

The whole set was a masterstroke and I hope that someone managed to record it. AE seems to be on top of their game right now. So If you have a chance to go to any of their planned gigs, don't hesitate. You will not regret.
I am attaching picture of boys getting ready!
PS. earplugs recommended, AE play really bloody loud!


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It 's been a bit' of time, but a few lines on liveset of Tauron, I want to write anyway.

From my point of view, the festival organizers did not meet standart essential for Autechre. The festival was divided into several stages, and two theaters with very high potential. I do not understand by what logic they did play Autechre (who were among the headliners) in a tent and not in one of the two theaters, reserving this "luxury" exclusively for Nils Frahms, Tyler the creator and a few others. The acoustics of the theaters was vertiginous. On the contrary, in the tent (in addiction to the fact that that light seeped from every angle), the sound system it seemed essentially "front", significantly reducing the surround effect, that, for example, has made indelible in my memory the experience of Krakow , last year. There's more: I had the clear impression that, on some frequencies, the system had broken, so going into saturation. Hard to say in the case of Autechre, but I can not find probable that they deliberately turned the sound of one of the most popular segments of the live ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=iyIfXFsdNAE#t=1874) in a sound so similar to a broken cone, especially as this saturation covered almost completely the rhythm.
Beyond the controversy of these notes, by focusing exclusively on the work of Autechre, I feel that all my literary effort will never be able to describe the hell that came out from those speakers.
The first half of the concert summed up what has already been heard since the days of Krakow, although rearranged and greatly matured. The second half was plunged into a maelstrom of pure sonic madness. I never heard anything like it in my life. You could not grab a pattern, that you were immediately overwhelmed by something completely new and astonishing. It were not simple metamorphosis: the music seemed to move on different planes, mysteriously blended into one indefinable body. Every note, every shot, was an hallucinated twist (... ok, I do not exclude that the 25i-nBome accidentally swallowed, helped to mix a little the cards in my brain...).
All I can wish me is that the two British Sir decide to bring that diabolical mechanism in the next LP. Now that they have invented it, have the responsibility to make it known too.
a touch of color: about twenty minutes from the end, it appeared that "reggae" passage from Tac Lacora (03:29)
I recorded the entire set, but the result is atrocious: nothing of what I've described is intelligible, the recording is essentially a series of distorted and expressionless bass. I will post the recording, to the benefit of inventory. Just give me a few days, or search me on soulseek, my nick is guraindocoa, file name: autechre - live at tauron nowa muzika (Katowice - Poland) 21 - 08 - 2015
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^ fantastic description! Thank you.


I agree that the acoustics play a massive part in the autechre live experience, I will give your recording a listen and see if I can uncover any of the maelstrom...

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Why does Poland get all the good concerts? First Warp 20, then Current 93 and now this? Fuck you, Poland.

because they have great festivals wtf is wrong with you man ?



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