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Atomic (BBC documentary)

Leon Sumbitches

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Just watched this, it's IDM as fuck and well worth a watch:




It's a documentary about the atomic era made entirely of archive footage with no narrator as such, and a quality soundtrack by Mogwai. Really bleak and frightening, kind of beautiful in places too.


A couple of images stuck with me- especially the scenes of a British family preparing for a nuclear attack (taken, I think, from the fictional The War Game film from 1965). Fill the bath, brick up your windows, get a bucket and some Jeyes fluid for pissing/shitting. So bleak.


That, and the hopelessly inadequate radiation protection given to the guys clearing up the Chernobyl reactor in the hours/days after the disaster- pretty much a leather apron and a gas mask. Hopeless.


Anyway thought I'd post it here in case anyone else digs it, it's quality gear.

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