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If you like the idea of Oneohtrix Point Never, Holly Herndon and A.G. Cook combined, youre going to love it.


The album is released on October 9 on clear vinyl, digital and cassette format in partnership with 1080p.



01. Squeeze

02. Shrink

03. Gush

04. No No

05. Noon (Blue)

06. Suffering (Tuesday)

07. Barricade

08. Crank

09. Tragedy

10. Fear

11. I Comb My Hair (Bonus Track)


Out October 9th.


Super pumped!

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I dig it. I listened to Moody Coup yesterday and liked the sound: he's got the wacky and unabashed weirdness of a lot of underground electronic musicians (Ferraro for example) but without the lo-fi sound or throwback aesthetics. He also doesn't use the fuck out of R&B cut-up vocals and future beats, which is riving me nuts lately.


Also 1080p is killing it lately, reminds me of Opal Tapes in terms in their sheer quantity and quality of cassette releases.

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I encourage everyone to listen / get your hands on his last EP/mini-LP, Hegemony of Delete: http://www.primaryinformation.org/product/co-la/


I think it's stellar. Kind of a combination of Soft Power Memento and his Lifted project. My favorite track:




Annnddd, Software has a Co La bundle going on right now; you can purchase Moody Coup and No No on vinyl for $28: http://www.softwarelabel.net/bundle-fundle/

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moody coup is really underrated. anyone else get that one? 'suspicious' is so nice


funny that the EP is called hegemony of delete in the wake of OPN's new album title. also being released on software records and all that

EDIT: not this EP apparently but both LPs are on OPNs label


yeah that is an interesting coincidence nonetheless

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the rating isn't terrible, but they lost me at this pretentious overstatement:

Sampling isn't a lost art form just yet, but it's fair to call it a diminished one. This has happened even as the sample itself remains a staple of modern music production



yeah it's kind of a half-baked argument - I'll readily agree that it's a bit ridiculous 808 bass drum hits are still such a staple, but likewise so is the perpetual existence of, I dunno, punk and indie rock, both of which still get praise, which isn't a bad thing: if this guy claims if sampling is diminished then so is pop music as a whole


as much as I'll champion progressive and experimental sampling/pluderphonics, I'm also personally I'm still a sucker for the motif and meme aspect of sampling - I'll still geek out when I hear a familiar breakbeat or old school staple sample - hell even syro had familiar bits in it

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      b) DJ-ish: You can load from a library rendered tracks and loops and use effects to mix and perform them.
      The Ableton style allows you a lot of customization in the prep, but feels clunky when you want to add stuff and tweak it on the fly.
      The DJ style allows for a lot of flexibility in the moment and requires a whole lot less preparation, but is still pretty limited in what you can match up with track, effects, etc.
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      No dead effects or controls cluttering everything up when you don't need them.
      No slapping together a gigantic copied and reworked project every time you need to get ready for a gig.
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      What drum samples or drum machines were used?
      How much of it was ITB?
      What software was used?
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