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Why do douchebags like new drum n bass?

peace 7

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Hopefully this spawns a few parody threads like "why do aspies like acid" or "why do neckbeards like vaporwave".


This thread started as a parody?



No, this is real life, home skillet~ It's not gon get more real than right here up in this thread.

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Before there was drum & bass, there was hardcore - every "name" old-skool d&b/jungle jock worth a damn came up through that British scene. Mickey Finn defines hardcore & he's still at it. Bless


Folks like Fabio n Grooverider evolved via London's Soul/rare groove scenes, which morphed into acid house, which subsequently morphed into divergent sounds n scenes. If you dig round you can find some of their early 90's house mixes, just b4 the break-beat transition, which still rrrrrrawk


LTJ Bukem defined the lazy, laid-back sounds, maybe Alex Reece (sp?) too & it was all downhill from there.....95/96 onwards......no-one has bettered that LTJ-Bukem sound imho, not Ed Rush/Optical, not even our own local H-Contrast......


In summary, i'd take the timeless, well-tailored suits of deep house over d&b every single time.... why? cos its got fuckin soul thats why, summat d&b completely phogot about along the way

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I think it's important to differentiate two things here.


Amazing and beautiful early-mid 90's DnB/jungle with lush pads and phat beats like this:




Corny late 90's till today, douchebag, techboy drum and bass like this:




One is amazing, the latter is for fags

Unfortunately all of those artists that did those early mid 90's atmospheric jungle/dnb do the latter stuff now, Photek these days... We'll never get that sound again, it's the sound of the mid 90's "optimism" and "futurism".

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That old shit though, man. Source Direct especially, just untouchable. Fucking amazing tunes those guys made. For such a short window too. It's strange


Jah++. I've threatened myself to start a thread in new releases a few times now, but lately Source Direct have been re-releasing some of their old singles, each with a current likeminded/influence (but not necessarily dnb) dank/dark producer pulling remix duties on th flip - first up were Blawan (Black Rose) and Demdike Stare (Approach & Identify). They're on bleep and so far the rmxs have been on the mark (+ the originals of course go without saying but there I said it so there).

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Drum'n'bass and breakbeat have always been the favorite genre of many spanish chavs aka 'canis'


cani.jpg <- this guy right here loved damogen furies


I really like damogen furies.

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The YouTube samples in this thread really show part of the problem, and it's magnificently horrendous. And I know it's intentional retardation of music, because I can use a similar drum beat (the "du-ti, duti" sound) and write killer tracks, dawg.


...It does make sense that some people need generic things that are "cool", so they can easily acquire the personality of one with "taste". And then through the power of media and advertising, the illusion is given that everything within the dn'b genre sounds nearly identical. So then at parties ppl can be like, "oh yeah I love whatever bangin group, yo. I like the track that goes wooooa wrrraaaar then bun-ti, bunti!" "Me, too!"


Also, I guess part of the problem is that drum n bass is the only electronic genre where somehow wannabe gangs and knives and shit are involved. Like it tried to be gangsta rap or something. At the most, even gabber or hard breakcore said "I hate most of humanity and could kill right now", but it wasn't under the illusion that it was somehow tough in the streets and could actually fight, despite drinking 5 pints of lager.

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if you mean 'new drum and bass' and what you mean that nu-metal garbage made like 10 years ago sure.

But ever since dbridge and autonomic there has been this really hush-hush scene of totally insanely dark deconstructed 'dnb' coming out. Exit Records. Samurai Music. Just listen to this Peace 7.


You will enter new realms.

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