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Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers

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Can't stop listening to this album (again). The production is so dodgy throughout it kind of adds to the entire flavour of the album. Also the track titles are so well named, I'm sorry but being completely fucked on vodka really does sound like the track to me




I heard the rumour that they made the entire album in 3 days and were taking shrooms or something, it's probably been exagerated but I can imagine there being some serious drug influence when they made the tracks. Anyway, </appreciation>

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superb music.


taken in context it manages to be both the silliest album of its time, and seriously grounbreaking to boot.



you can almost hear them laughing at their own talent.

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Yeah but if it wasn't so badly produced it wouldn't add to the whole "feel" of the tracks. I've always maintained (I don't know if anyone agrees with me) that some of Aphex's tracks are boosted in goodness purely because of the nice "warm" production. It must be recording to tape half the time, I don't know - it's just nice... I don't like this really clean production that comes off of stuff like Infected Mushroom for example, it's kind of cool going "whoa that sounds nice" but it takes the soul away from the music sometimes.

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Guest hahathhat

i think it was just a gonzo album in general.


"not that we needed all this for the album, but when you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendancy is to push it as far as you can.."


vodka sounds properly chilled and russian. brr brr bubrrr bu bubaba brrrr. i can see the crazy taj mahal roofs with twisty tops.



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I love it all, but especially the jazz-sample based ones like Eggy Toast (7/8 hell ya), Giant Deflating Football, and reg is just hilarious and also very beautiful.

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one thing I find interesting is that Vodka seems to use every drum sample used on Melodies from mars...


but "The Sound of Beady Eyes" gets pretty close to sounding like Lego Racers Music...

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I always try to find out what beats were chosen by Rich and which were chosen by Mike.


It's just awesome.





Chose or chosen? Eh.

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