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Funny Pictures Part IV - Funny Harder


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yeah, looks like the technology improved quite a lot since this:


The tail flop at the very end always gets me

Crazy how modern peoples can refer to something that was experienced from a "virtual space"... and other people remember it.


Internet is much like psychic abilities and living next-level shit, in that, the potential of the internet is basically the ether, and computers+users (computer and user operating the device equal one thing) are basically the human body. So what comes to light is that the internet is an alternate visual analogy of how humans live through time. By becoming stronger through the internet, people can gain the confidence- by learning the analogy- to get the most of their physical potential through this "physical world". Social networking and forums have created a system to expand consciousness. If anyone has any ideas how to somehow achieve this with e-commerce, please let me know. Massive blisst.io updates coming next month.

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hahaha, this is so good

I once named  a stick "stupid dumb shit for a school project"


didnt care so much when I realised that, luckily I had no gettingturnt.jpg on it.


fun fact, totally unrelated, just learned that the german term "abfuck"  does also exist in the english language.

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Reminds me of my friend who does lectures on physics. He also managed to slip "same shit again" in his master's thesis and it went to print before anybody noticed.
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