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Funny Pictures Part IV - Funny Harder


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y'all know john madden?  it's kind of a weird reference for sure, but my brain finds him to be pretty funny.


here we find john in his native habitat, ready for football (or whatever you brits like to call it).  i love his expression and posture.  you can clearly see that this man is ready and possibly aroused at the suggestion of some football.


given that people with larger heads tend to have higher iq, i think it's safe to say that john is almost certainly some kind of savant. 


i love that in this unedited photo, it really looks like his eyes have been replaced with tiny mouths.  also, check out that bottom lip.  that's a powerful lip.


it's pretty clear he speaks with his hands, what an expressive guy.


oh and he also wants to help you fight athlete's foot.  he's even willing to turn away from a game in action to recommend the product to you, ya dummy!

in searching google for the photos used here, i noticed that he could probably be used to build an excellent set of reaction images (or whatever they're called)







also i love trying to imagine what was going on when this high resolution work of art was shot.


ok, back to politics and reblogging memes now

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