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Funny Pictures Part IV - Funny Harder


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Excel vs Incel:


|-----------|---------------|           |

|           |  Assuming     |           |

| Excel     |  something is | Incel     |

|           |  a date       |           |

|           |---------------|-----------|


(bg: https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/6/21355674/human-genes-rename-microsoft-excel-misreading-dates)

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1 minute ago, luke viia said:

Wait what? Matt Gaetz is married to Palmer Luckey's sister? This world is a strange garbage bin indeed. 

Gavin Newsom used to be married to this fucking flake, lol


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In my vehicle's entertainment settings, there was an option to "enable artwork". I thought it would read the embedded .jpg in the file. I don't have any subscriptions to any satellite or internet services so it's not clear to me where these covers are getting pulled from but, so far, it's a wild ride watching the results:



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