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Mary Anne Hobbs played a track off this lp the other day and very good it was too.

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yeah pretty consistent recently especially with sound of sheffield vol's, so looking 4ward to hear this

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Really liking the vibe on this one so far. Listening to it is both eerie and relaxing. Strongest material from them I've heard in some time

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Been listening to this loads this weekend really good album. Lovely moody introspective 1st half and some bangers on the 2nd half

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I'll add this to the listening list.


Man, how good was Radio Scarecrow? Top shelf nighttime driving vibes.

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great frigging stuff. just listened to it. will listen to it for multiple times, especially with the approaching darker months.


which especially struck me, also (or maybe mostly?) in an idiosynchronous manner, was "MK ultrabrite"; i played this album while walking around the house and browsing the web. while this song was playing i landed on a place on the internet where there's a live discussion/investigation going on through the wicked workings of a child care center. you fill in the rest, especially in the light of the MK ULTRA dealings.

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