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Floating Points - Elaenia


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Sam Shepherd will release his first full-length on November 6th through his own label/imprint Pluto. In previewing the seven-track release, an edit of Silhouettes (I, II, III) - an eleven-minute album track - has been shared as the album's lead single.

I love how jazzy the preview is... this may well turn out to be a very interesting debut.




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Guest bitroast

wow. liked the Shadows EP but that felt like ages ago and honestly haven't been keeping up to date at all with any of the other releases ..

this is a completely new sound ?? but i like it : )

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Just got this in an e-mail from Luaka Bop (he's releasing the album on his own label but I think Luaka Bop will be distributing it in the US):


Tomorrow, August 26, Floating Points will debut the live version of Silhouettes (I, II & III) together with an 11-piece ensemble (!!) at the magnificent Fort Christo Punto, at Dimensions Festival, in Croatia, The show will be streamed live around the world from 2.30pm EST, via Boiler Room.

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I think I first heard floating points with his remix of daedelus. He's awesome. It almost sounds like Daedelus on that song? Alfred Darlington has a distinct bass voice. Sounds super brainfeeder all the way. Sounds like miguel-atwood ferguson string arrangements, maybe thundercat on bass?

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This is a lovely release.


If this is jazzy then I like jazzy electronic music. It's more on the flylo end of that spectrum of jazz-tinged electronic music I guess. I alway associate "jazzier stuff" as anything akin to mid-90s through early 00s Ninja Tune / upbeat trip-hop stuff which was great at the time but now stuff like that I avoid usually - you know fedora wearing late 30s dude who says he likes "chillout music" kind of stuff.

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I bagged the flac from bleep, just on a whim without hearing any previews. Just like the good old days, where you would take a punt on choosing a record by using instinct and a keen sense of guile.


Seems as though I still possess The Craft. It's a fantastic record.


*pats myself smugly on back*

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