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Sensel Morph: Pressure-Sensitive Multi-Touch Input Device

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it blew past its kickstarter goal of 60kUS almost immediately. wired is reporting it aims to replace most input devices. this is the kind of thing I've been wanting for electronic music. it seems like, maybe short of a gx-1, or squarepusher's system 4, or other advanced setups, the level of real-time control in electronic music is usually less than that of playing guitar. the sensel morph, though, with the proper programs to utilize it (3d environments?) could surpass that level of control.


right now you can get a kickstarter $250 package for 1 device. do you think it will end up being less once it's retail?

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Looks pretty cool, but I wish stuff like this could directly interface with traditional MIDI, without the need of a laptop or USB -> MIDI converter. Using something like this with Elektron gear would be mind-meltingly awesome.

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