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Bucket List - Music Edition

Soloman Tump

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Probably been done before, I searched but could not find anything so here goes.


I want to see:-


5 music related things you want to experience / achieve before you die


5 music related things you have already done that are awesome


5 music related things you want but cannot be achieved

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So 5 I want to achieve:-


Burning Man Festival.

It looks like Mad Max curating a rave, I'm all over that


Boards of Canada live.

Fingers crossed I will get an opportunity at some point.....


Meet Autechre.

Just want to shake their hands and say thank you for the music. Maybe buy them a pint and chatter for a bit would be cool too.


Swans Live.

Still never managed to catch them, they are definitely on my bucket list.


Dutch Tekno rave.

I want to drive around with a party crew in Europe for a few weeks, go to a couple of parties. Help them set up the rig, put on a phat party, spin some tunes, have it large, clean up and go home again. I reckon that would be awesome.




5 things I have achieved


Released an EP of my own music (yes OK on a free netlabel, which is now closed, but it was on my bucket list)


DJ in front of a decent sized "up for it" crowd. Played some club techno bangers and it went off! Would like to do this again sometime.


Autechre live on a good soundsystem.

Will definitely be doing this again though (London November is calling....)


Did Bangface weekender properly and was ruined for 4 days straight. Much music, mess, and casualties. So much fun when you have a group of buddies with you. We've kinda disbanded now so it was very much a correct time and place thing.


Been to Reading Festival.

Pretty shit one to drop in you may think, but I was 17 and it was amazing. Chemical Brothers, Roni Size represent, chilli peppers, Atari teenage riot, pitch shifter, even u-ziq was there that year. Proper opened my eyes to electronic music from guitars, no turning back.




5 things that can't be achieved


See John Peel DJ.

I had a chance to go see him at Fabric once but I was drunk and went home instead. He died a few months later.


Sasha and Digweed at Twilo.

They did a New York residency that was legendary and I would have loved to have experienced it. Prog house at its peak played by 2 legends of the game.


Would have liked to have been at one of the Rephlex parties in Cornwall, early 1990s. They would have been amazing I'm sure.


Sign a record deal with Planet Mu.

I need to make some decent music first and I'm all outta time and ideas.


Tour Japan with Underworld and be their warm up DJ

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