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Get Yo Aastumas


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Hello everyone,


One of the submissions for the recent tribute to Olympus Mons album was a synth-pop-ish track by peace 7 called "Get Yo Aastumas".


As you can probably guess from the title, the track is awesome.


You can download the unmastered track here:




The track didn't quite fit in with the tribute album, but clearly deserves a big release. So we're putting together a remix/cover/homage album. So for all watmmers who are interested, please submit one of the following:


1. A remix, using the original vocal stems by peace 7.


2. A cover, rerecording some or all of the lyrics (you can even add more if you like!)


3. An homage, including other Schwarzenegger quotes from Total Recall.


I'm not sure what the time frame should be for this, but I'm tentatively suggesting October 31st as a deadline. That should leave enough time to record some tracks, while also keeping things relatively snappy.


Please submit tracks to [email protected] I'm not going to have strict judging on this album, because I want to include as much as I can. but if you submit something that really doesn't fit into the album (like something completely unrelated to this track, Mars, or Schwarzenegger), I'll let you know why I don't think it's a good fit.

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oh man that song is amazing. Vocals remind me of Regurgitator :D


Maybe I could do a Regurgitator-style remix..



I will be submitting something to this for sure.



Yea my 'Ass Tumor' mix is underway.



As the first-three non-first-two posters in this thread, your words have been lazered onto the sideburns of the Sun.

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why is this pinned again?


Was this unpinned and then pinned without me noticing?


As far as I know it's only been pinned once. This is a new project (not to be confused with Tribute to Olympus Mons, which is already out).

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Holy shit- this is still pinned!


I've left for like 8 months- not logging in once- and this thread is still here. Main point being that nobody engaged in this. AHAHAHA... This is why the underground is so full of talented musicians, but a lot of them are not finishing albums. If only what we thought would be the case would be the case!


Life is tough. But effort permitting, life is not that tough. Just difficult.


Thank you for organizing this activity, though, Root5~ I appreciate the sentiment.


I am sad, but also happy. I come back after ages, and a lot of the same threads are still active... It's like it's only been a week since I've left. Is this place some kind of time warp?!?!?!

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I rushed something for the deadline but it wasn't great :) - i was planning to resubmit but got nut deep into this years Weeklybeat thing and haven't had chance.


I Will use some audio for one of my weeks entries in your honour.

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