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Some Live Jazz / an amazing loop


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I had a chance some weeks ago to sesh with some amazing people. Ron Veliz, a san fransisco session musician who lives here was on guitar. he is a badass but only plays if good enough people are in town and it just so happened that the drummer, josh costello, invited his old friend who is a professional 'piano battler' nick schlueter from st. louis to town... I was on bass, electric guitar and electric upright, both which are in pretty shit shape so my pitch is very liberal.

anyhow I recorded some sessions with my yeti blue stereo mic and they turned out pretty good!

I of course mixed and eq'd the recordings liberally to get them the way sound here.

As I remember, I split each recording into left and right and then eq'd, added a bussed stereo width and compressed.

check it out.


super fun pop samba:


fusion-y take on naima:

skip to 5:10 for some fucking brilliant group synergy and piano solo


some funky shit, this one was at a party so the sound is not as good:


this last one is a crazy loop from a vamp we hit while riffing on an altered fly me to the moon:


thanks for listening and give me feedback on how you think I did on my mixdowns.


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Yah fuck- these are excellent, man. As for ze mix... there is some kind of weird thing from prolly a slow sweep on the stereo widener, but on the first two tracks, sometimes there are elements that feel almost like they get moved around, like a leslie effect. But then I realized it might be some next-level shit, cuz it definitely enhances 3-dimensionality by making the room feel like it's moving. Overall balance is excellent. Room feels really nice. Did you use standard noise shaping on the final output or is the noise shaping sounding effect from some mastering plugin? Cuz ear candy wise, it sounds great (the obvious noise shaping effect). First two tracks feel like they're on vinyl without the hiss.

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Guest bitroast

the party one sounds the best imo :) they all sound good but guitar is wee bit loud in others (for my taste, at least) ( ... how's that for nitpicking ?? )

seriously, they sound fucking SOLID and good and great and all so especially so for live recording. loving the room ambiance and people noise slipping in.

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thank you so much for your feedback and for simply listening at all. I was beginning to think this thread would just vanish among the other no replies.


-peace: for the first two recordings I placed the microphone behind my amp, which was raised, and angularly it was catching piano on th left, guitar on the right, and a bit more drums on the right. bass in the middle.

I split the channels and then depending basically eq'd the featured solo instrument and panned it so it was centered. but what you are noticing is that for each instrument there is a bussed channel with a bit of reverb and a stereo spread.

in this way, each instrument ended up having both a clear "center" sound, and then a softer stereo component.

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-to clarify: the drums where facing the microphone it was like

the arrows are to define sound direction




keyboard_________guitar's effects

___amp >___________<v_______


_________________bass amp



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just realizing my solo at 8:00 in up down is actually pretty good. I thought it was shitty at the time. But you can tell the bandmates were listening to me and trying to compliment me as much as possible, like at 9:40...how the fuck did nick schlueter now I was going to go up and down in barred octaves using a phrygian mode?!?? and how he then complemented at 9:47 with that altered-fucked up chord to summ up my solo. the guy is a REAL professional.

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Guest cult fiction

skipped through these and they're nice as fuck, will give a full listen at work on monday

that mystical moon loop is unreal

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