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Last think you photographed

Guest Weed

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    • By Joyrex
      http://control--panel.com/ has some great photographs of well, control panels, and some happen to be vintage synths/patch panels...

      EMS VCS3 Putney

      Electronic Music Studios, circa 1970

      CERN, circa 1970

      Abandoned Thermal Power Plant, Hungary
    • By Redruth
      so, i thought it might be fun to see what visual artists watmm is following. if u would like to share visual art that has always inspired u or if u have just recently discovered an artist than post it here. it could be someone really famous or not, something personal, for u, that u think is really beautiful. 
    • By hokum
      Took these on a recent trip to nevada.


    • Guest jasondonervan
      By Guest jasondonervan
      The more interestingly/scenically/amusingly placed, the better. I may even be giving away a Warp-themed prize for the best entry... Otherwise, it's insta-fame over on the tumblr for all. Start snapping!
    • By Hugh Mughnus
      Stumbled across this in my facebook feed and thought it was pretty awesome.
      It's photos of old Olympic sites "after the games". IDM as fuck lol.
      Some of them look like really eerie.
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